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Vision / Unique Value Proposition
PanaCast by Altia Systems (now part of GN Jabra) is a simple to use, plug-and-play device which works with all popular collaboration services and is ideal for huddle rooms. With a natural 180° field of view and Panoramic-4K quality video, we make sure you can "Be There From Anywhere®." PanaCast uniquely provides 100% video, audio and data coverage.

Three video cameras are integrated in each PanaCast device and these are synchronized, stitched and optimized by the built-in PanaCast Vision Processor to deliver an up to 180° wide field of view. The cameras also act as AI sensors to generate information, such as people detection and counting. This data is available free of cost through an open API, and has been integrated by a number of ecosystem partners to automate workflows like room reservation and cancellation and to deliver "big data" lakes of information which help companies improve productivity and profitability.

Two microphones and a high performance audio DSP are also integrated in each PanaCast device, to provide great audio input.

PanaCast lets you utilize your whole collaboration space and include everyone in the conversation. Unlike conventional cameras, it eliminates the ~40% real estate wasted with a conventional ultra wide-angle camera.

With built-in intelligence, the device automatically adjusts the field of view to include everyone in the conversation (Intelligent Zoom or auto framing).

Altia Systems Background
Prior to its exceptional valuation and merger with GN Jabra in March 2019, Altia Systems® was funded by top-tier venture capital firms, such the Intel Capital, and pioneered the Imaging Science, Computer Vision and Artificial intelligence Technologies for the development of Industry-first real-time multi-camera arrays. In addition to achieving business and customer success, the company has filed 30+patents, with 15+ granted to date.

The core team consists of Silicon Valley professionals with a broad and deep track record of developing and delivering industry-first products, including massively parallel computer systems, networking systems, digital animation super-computing systems, game console and digital cinema video and graphics processors, etc. The team integrate expertise in systems / camera design, software engineering, systems and semiconductor design and advanced manufacturing tecniques and technologies.

Products Timeline
PanaCast 1 launched in Spring 2013 DEMO Mobile event in San Francisco where Altia Systems took the top show award of "DEMO God" for best new product launch, market visibility and start-up impact. In addition to the category award, it received a "DEMO Work" award for the most innovation in collaboration technologies.

PanaCast 2 launched in October 2015 and receives CES Innovation Award Honoree recognition in 2016, as well as the Chicago Atheneaum Good Design award for industrial design excellence. Since then, more than 1,600 companies, including 200+ universities around the world, have adopted PanaCast for video collaboration, education, content creation and myriad other applications and use cases.

PanaCast 3 launched in January 2019 and is the world's highest performance multi-camera array, integrating three 13 megapixel cameras. It uniquely achieve 6x lossless digital zoom and continues the PanaCast fundamentals of 100% video, and data coverage.

The PanaCast Intelligent Vision suite of software products launched starting in January 2017 with intelligence Zoom (auto framing) and continued with PanaCast Vivid (HDR), PanaCast Whiteboard (#1 on the top 10 new product launch by rAVepubs at Infocomm 2017) and the advance people detection and counting (PDC) utilizing a new generation of AI technologies developed in collaboration with Intel, and delivered free of cost via an open API, showcased at Infocomm 2018.

Altia Systems' PanaCast solutions deliver real-time 180° Panoramic-4K, Panoramic-5K and 4K 3D video streams from integrated, synchronized and optimized multi-camera arrays. PanaCast systems and Intelligent Vision (artificial intelligence) software products are used around the world for video collaboration, education, AR/VR, live broadcasting and machine learning for autonomous systems.

PanaCast system devices are designed and assembled in the U.S. and have received prestigious awards such as CES Innovation Awards Honoree recognitions, Frost & Sullivan New Product Innovation, GOOD DESIGN award, Gartner Cool Vendor in Unified Communications, the peer-reviewed, by invitation Design Showcase at the 2019 International Solid-State Circuits Conference, and more.
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