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Jabra Collaboration Solutions: Video conferencing. Reinvented.

We're Jabra - a global brand with a serious passion for sound and video. We're in the business of helping you hear what you want to hear - from letting the right sound in, to filtering disruptive noise out - but our products are about so much more than that, packed with intuitive features to make life sound better with our Speak series and now meet better with video conferencing solutions with our PanaCast portfolio.

The Jabra PanaCast Series is engineered to deliver intelligent, high-quality video conferencing for every situation. From the meeting room to the home office and everywhere in between, there's a PanaCast video conferencing solution for every need. With crystal-clear 4K video, and intelligence-driven features across the range, PanaCast is engineered for today's hybrid workers. It's video conferencing, but not as you know it.


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